Find Your Wall Instagram Challenge: Goals, Strategy and KPIs

The #FindYourWallChallenge is a collaboration between Project Soft Hands Lacrosse and Boathouse Sports that challenges young lacrosse players to find their wall and improve their game.

The Rules of the Challenge

The first 200 people to post video finding and hitting their wall will receive a free limited-edition Soft Hands Lacrosse tee from Boathouse. Participants must tag @BoathouseLAX and @ProjectSoftHands along with the hashtag #FindYourWallChallenge to receive the free tee.

BoathouseLAX will send a message to each participant upon reposting the video on the @BoathouseLAX instagram page with instructions to redeem free shirt and a one-time-use promo code.

Goals and KPI’s – What Measures Success?

The goal of the #FindYourWallChallenge campaign is to post one video per day until the end of spring lacrosse season (April 31st). The campaign will put Boathouse in front of coaches and players when they are most inclined to buy, and keep Boathouse top-of-mind until they are ready to make their purchase.

The secondary goal is to gain new followers and promote our lacrosse instagram page (@BoathouseLAX). Within the first month of the challenge we saw a +500 follower increase, from 1200 to 1700.

Launching the Social Campaign with Video

We launched the #FindYourWallChallenge using a video that was shot on a cold Saturday afternoon in Center City Philadelphia. The video features our lacrosse player, Jake, searching the city for the “perfect” wall to play wallball, only to be followed and harassed by John Strotbeck (founder and CEO of Boathouse). I shot the video using a Canon DSLR and edited using Adobe Premiere CC.

We launched the video and social campaign on Feb 2. It was distributed to all lacrosse coaches and customers via email from Hubspot. It was uploaded to our blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where it accumulated almost 1k views within the first three weeks.

As the video made its rounds we started receiving submissions for the challenge and began reposting on our @BoathouseLAX page.

(Will continue to update as we enter into months 2 and 3 of this social challenge.)


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