Lessons and Insights From My First Year at Boathouse

Boathouse Catalog cover

Today marks my one year anniversary at Boathouse. Since joining this team I’ve worked with my first PR agency (Braithewaite Communications), launched my first successful social media influencer campaign, learned Shopify and Hubspot, got crazy-good managing PPC, designed my first billboard, produced my first 116 page monster catalog with my man Scott Brady, learned what a Coxswain is, ate cheese curds in Wisconsin and partied inside Grace Kelley’s childhood home. I Learned what it’s like to be part of a team where you are encouraged to try new things only to fail so you can learn by your mistakes. My self confidence has gone up while my anxiety and blood pressure have gone down. Became friends with amazing people with interesting stories from all sorts of cultural and religious backgrounds who work in our factory. And most importantly have a greater understanding of the American dream and the importance of manufacturing in the USA. Here’s to another great #handcraftedinphiladelphia year!


Sneedesign is a well-rounded and versatile creative professional with experience in an eclectic mix of work cultures and industries. He loves conceptualizing innovative identities, while simultaneously creating intuitive, engaging, and brand-consistent experiences across categories and platforms. Adjunct Professor of Advertising Art Direction at Temple University, Creative Director for Jofit Apparel, and killer guitar player.